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Gcmfind is World's number one Local Community Search Engine which “Makes Life Easier®” of our community members. There are hundreds of the search engines available in the market but no one is satisfying the community needs. The Gcmfind is the only portal available in the market to so love the community problems. We feel the community is gross root for the living system and our goal to make our community members life is easier.
What is community?
A group of people or body of people having common rights, privileges, or interest or ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common.
Created a platform:
The Gcmfind bringing all the available resource such as education, health, sports, services, needs, etc in the community and making into a one common platform and that giving an opportunity to the community member see each other, to exchange the services, to interact with other for their personal benefit and also the community development.
How to use the Platform to grow me?
This is a one stop shop plot form and an ideal place to promote your self or your services or your businesses or all and all of these promotions you can reach your target are of the community.
What helps you?
Once you’re short listed, you can find all the products available in your area from A to Z. This makes you to save your Time, Money, Fuel, Health etc and your self become more comfort than any other resources. Surprisingly this not only shortlist in your area, if you want to help a friend in other location, you can also help them or you call them and refer your friend's name to them to render the services to them. And these services are all over the world, and where ever you go the Gcmfind walks with you to make your life easier.
How to save your time?
Just click search criteria short list by keywords or even with zip code you will get results in a seconds. You can see their comments, services, license, and feedbacks etc. None of the portal is offering these services. No middle man, no referrals, no phone calls, no enquires etc. You can found what you required, you can communicate directly or you can see when to contact and get the work to done directly.
Free User:
Free users are the General users who are interested to receive the service s/ products form the advertiser This is one of the best portals in the world to find your needs which may be next to you or any where in the world. You can catch them at free of cost.
Paid User:
These are the professionals who offering their services / products to the community for the community members need. This is one of the best portals in the world to market your self your products and services to the community who are interested to receive and those are may be next to you or any where in the world.
Who can post the advertisement in the Gcmfind?
All can post the advisement such franchisers, dealers, IT companies, Insurance, Bank, Mortgage, Realtor, Doctor, Contractor, Attorney, Dentist, from single individual to all companies can post the advertisement. This is a local community search engine portal and every one can participate. Greatly we can say this is the only portal offering to you, to market / promote your services/ products, any where, any type, which may helps the community and proudly we can say this is the ONLY BEST LOCAL PORTAL TO MARKET YOUR SELF in this WORLD.
Marketing versus Success:
This is highly competitive world in every movement, every opportunity is important for success in your life, businesses. To reach the success in all ways, persons look for new tools. So far you have spent lot of time and money but nothing marketed yourself in a right manner to fulfill your target. People don’t know about your products, services what you want to sell or exchange surprisingly some time your neighbors may also don’t know what you’re offering. By joining in the Gcmfind you’re exposing the entire world. You can tell, you can talk, you can present your specialty, how to contact and even your offer promotions to the users. The Audio and Video toll can helps to use target certain area. Community or you can promote your products / service in your own language which increase your chance of successes and become a role model to your circle and other too.
Key for the Success: Marketing, Marketing nothing but an Effective Marketing.
Tools for the Success: There only three tools are available in the world for the marketing and promotion and Gcmfind proudly says that this is the only portal in the world make available to the all three tools.
A. Content & Picture.
Its good idea to tell about yourself what you do, where you are and what are the specialties you have, how to communicate, where to reach yourself etc. The intended user who is waiting for your service gets an opportunity to read about you, and your qualities, successes and testimonials. This brings the great opportunity to exchange communication among you and the user will makes happy for the both users. There is an adage “A Picture is a worth of thousand words”. You can greatly utilize this tool by posting your pictures, logos, trade marks etc which gives constant silent message to the user. The painless silent message is constant out flex always running in the market that increases your success chance than others.
B. Audio / Message:
The world is growing and the barrier Cades are breaking. Even then every person have their won love and affections to do the businesses with their community as they can feel more comfortable and can express their needs to them to fulfill their needs who can speak with other own language professionals. We quote “The Audio message in your words, in your languages is worth of Million pictures and words”. The Gcmfind brought this tool to promote you or your business or all to reach the targeted community. This gives as great opportunity to you to tell about your self and your business, what you do, where you’re what you can do, what you help and finally all you can present in multiple languages to reach the target area where you are intended.
C. Video / Movie:
This is an amazing tool in the world which is connecting the people and making the relation ships among the community. This tool not only promoting your business it is making the relations with consumers. This is an Ideal and the only Best tool in the world to promote your self. In the experts view this tool quotes “A Picture is a worth of thousand words, Audio message is worth of million pictures and VIDEO is a worth of Billions and Billions of words and pictures”. The Gcmfind brought this tool to promote you or your business or your company etc to reach target area. In this amazing tool, it not only helps you to increase your business but it also a built an unbreakable and ever lost customer relation ship. In this amazing tool you can talk, you show what & where and you can also give your marketing presentation in multiple languages. This flawless performing tool makes you to success than ever and you will be the part of the intended community.
Freedom versus Restrictions
Most of the advertising companies will take material and publish the same and if you want to make changes such as add or delete of your marketing or promotional material, you have to wait for few days to week In order to do so and it also costs lot of money.
In the Gcmfind you have 24/7 access you can add or delete you contents / audio files / video files without calling any one. This is user-friendly community portal giving direct access to the advertiser or the promoters to make all necessary changes with 24/7. You can do these changes as many times as you can with no extra cost.
Additional Marketing / Promotional Tools?
The Gcmfind is allowing the advertiser to add promotional coupons which are the one of the best way to attract the customer to increase your business / services. The Gcmfind is offering this service at free of cost. Our effort is your success. All these coupons generated by the Gcmfind contain bar codes and you can scan it and keep for your records how many are come at that given time. The generation coupons based on the input given by the potential advertiser.
Our effort is your success. And your successes is our commitment
How much cost to promote my self / my services / my products:
The UNIQUE feature offering by the GCMFIND is that you can promote yourself or your services, or your products etc at low price or very minimal price. You can see the Price Flash tag on the website home page. Yes the price what you are looking is true. Yes it is unbelievable but it is true. Yes Dreams Come TURE .NO Hazels of Big Monthly Advertisements expense, No Middle Man, No Referral Fee and direct contact with client just for minimal fee only. See our rate sheet to know more about the pricing or billing, send as email at sales executive will call you back. The Gcmfind is a committed portal working for the benefit and development of community. The Gcmfind proudly says, we are the First and Number one Local Community Portal in the World MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER. You can post your comments, experiences, successes stories on the site at Free of Cost.If you have any questions, comments, and suggestions please send us an email at info@gcmfind.com